At CozyLabs, we develop any and all film you have in any and all ways you want it

small team,

no big machines

however youd like

we strive for developing your pictures in any way youd like. dont see a certain option? please, do ask!

not based in nyc

we are a very small lab

to be clear, we are a very small lab and cannot guarantee quality in the way big labs with big machines can. every development is handmade, aside from a filmomat light, which helps with consistency.

however, we hope to balance this out by bringing you maximum choice in how you want us to develop your art, with no extra fees!

send us your film today!

we have multiple option for sending us film. you could come by of course, or you could put it into [participating locations] mailbox, where therell be a form and envelope hanging next to it. said form can also be printed and sent with the the envelope that youll send us your film. you can generate one here!

or you can select what film youll be sending us and give us details for each roll or pack, together with knowing exactly where your film is at in the process at all times and other